Overview of all private sessions

Do you want to focus on a topic with professional support and guidance?
Would you like to invite clarity into your current situation with me as your medium?

Ancestral Healing

Do you recognise patterns in yourself that have been passed down in your family for generations?
Did someone in your ancestral line die before you could establish a relationship with him/her?
Do you feel inhibited in your actions?
Sind „schlimme Dinge“ in deiner Ahnenlinie geschehen die auch dich noch belasten?

Experience your guides

Are you looking to invite more spiritual guidance into your life?
Do you feel the deep desire, the longing to widen your field of vision, to widen your field of feeling?
To expand the possibilities of what can be experienced in this life?

Energetic cleansing

Are there places, such as your home or workplace, where you feel very uncomfortable?
Do you have the feeling that something is weighing on you that makes you feel like you are being directed, having confused or destructive thoughts that you cannot explain to yourself?

Karmic love

Do you know the feeling of knowing a person forever - even though you only met hours ago?
Do you feel magically attracted to it and can't get away from it?
You feel so much more in love than ever before?

Afterlife contact

Have you lost a close relative or friend?
Has the person passed away and you feel there are still issues?
Would you like to know if the deceased person arrived safely on the other side?

Past lives

Has the soul that inhabits your body been on this earth before?
What did she experience and how does it affect your life now?
This is not about voyeurism, but about self-healing by finding the roots of pain.

Spiritual Reading

Are you seeking guidance and clarity on your life's path?
If you find yourself at a crossroads, moved by the question of how to navigate a challenging situation
Do you want to get in touch with your spiritual guides or your soul,
to broaden the perspective of your current circumstances?

Toxic connections

Do you have people around you who make you feel almost sick when you are in contact with them?
Do you have the impression that the toxic contact with them works even when you don't see each other?
Do you feel constantly influenced and not free in your decisions?

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