Spiritual Reading

Are you seeking guidance and clarity on your life's path?
If you find yourself at a crossroads, moved by the question of how to navigate a challenging situation
Do you want to get in touch with your spiritual guides or your soul,
to broaden the perspective of your current circumstances?

<p>The higher view of your human existence through a Spiritual Reading enables you to see connections in a wider context.</p> <p>This opens up possibilities for dealing with the current situation that were previously hidden.</p>

Your spiritual team

We are not alone in this life. A whole team of spiritual guides is with each one of us. You are the team member who has decided to incarnate. The conscious contact between the team members allows for a much more coordinated approach, allows for a different way of dealing with so-called obstacles in life. This is no different in this team than in teams at work or in leisure time.

Your individual reading

I invite you to open up and listen. Feel free to come with concrete questions, with the longing to invite support into your life. It is all about you. I am not the authority who will tell you how you should decide. This choice is purely up to you. But the information from the spiritual world is usually a great help in making a decision.

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What can you expect?

Your spiritual guides have your whole being, your soul, in view over many lifetimes. Answers to your questions are therefore often not directly related to the present. They know where your soul wants to develop and support you on this path. Accordingly, their messages must be understood in a much larger context.

It can also happen that your spiritual guides first bring you into contact with what is very acute at the moment. This can be the question that led you here, but also something completely different. Sometimes it is the case that some issues have to be dealt with first, before it is your turn, from a spiritual point of view, to devote yourself to "the next issue". Often we run away from ourselves with "issues". This may not be fulfilling for you from a human perspective. Your soul, however, has a much broader perspective.

Should you prepare yourself?

Yes. I ask you for the following:

  • Prepare the topic(s) you want to come with. You can also write them down.
  • It's not about you telling me your whole life story, it's about getting to the heart of the matter as succinctly as possible. If I don't understand something, I just ask.
  • Get clear if a single session with contact to your spiritual guides is what you are looking for.
  • If so, take a quiet moment for yourself and talk to your spiritual companions in your mind. You don't have to know them or even hear them. You can also just speak to God if that is easier. Tell them that you have made an appointment with me to open the space for an encounter. Your guides and God will hear you whenever you speak to them. Tell them what questions you come with.

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