Ancestral Healing
Activation of the ancestral power
Healing old patterns

Do you recognise patterns in yourself that have been passed down in your family for generations?
Did someone in your ancestral line die before you could establish a relationship with him/her?
Do you feel inhibited in your actions?
Sind „schlimme Dinge“ in deiner Ahnenlinie geschehen die auch dich noch belasten?

<p>What happened is not gone just because it was a hundred(e) years ago.</p> <p>No, some energy is passed through the ancestral line in the hope that at some point someone will have the space to feel. To feel what has hurt so much that it had to be locked away. But the energy is still there and works in you.</p>

What is ancestral healing?

By ancestral healing I mean that together we also look at the patterns in your life from the perspective that they may have been passed on to you by your ancestors. Usually this is not the only component of an individual session, but it is a very crucial one. Moreover, these aspects are often relatively easy to resolve, because your soul has not experienced the drama itself, but only carries the effects of it. In my experience, it is often easier to dissolve and heal these energies.

So be invited to explore what in you might want to emerge from your ancestral lineage, looking for redemption, for space to finally find peace again.

What did your ancestors experience?

Being with the ancestors is something that is no longer really rooted in the culture here in the West. "Ancestors are history, and we are making it new." Little is known of the ancestors, how they lived, what they dealt with, their values, their being. And yet the path through the ancestors that emerged from your being with them. Their values, their traumas, their happiness, their joys, their sorrows, the losses they experienced... all this resonates in the ancestral line. Displacement, being uprooted, starting over, uncertainty. Some things they could deal with, had room to hold on to, some things had to be locked behind thick walls to avoid coming to the surface. To ensure a continuation of life. To see their own children grow up and restore some kind of state of contentment.

Why do the experiences of the ancestors still work in me?

But what happened and has happened is not simply gone because it was a hundred or more years ago. No, some energy is passed through the ancestral line in the hope that at some point someone will have the space and time to feel it, that windows of perception will open again, that niches and gaps will appear in an almost perfect-looking masonry. So that you perceive that things are not quite as rosy as they seem. And so it is quite possible that the themes that accompany you in your life are not only your very own, but that you carry themes with you that have already accompanied many before you. Some may have passed them on because there was no other way. Know that energy always calls to find a certain state of rest, like when you deflect a pendulum. It always takes strength to keep it in the deflected state. Ancestral healing thus releases energies and events that have been unintegrated for a long time.

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What are ancestors?

In the context in which I perceive ancestors, it is mainly all those people from whom you are directly descended. It may be that a brother or sister of your grandmother can play a role, but it is rather rare.

How many generations back?

It is often said that we carry the issues with us up to 7 generations back. In my perception, it goes back much further.

Energy is not lost. If karma has been created, it is there until someone takes care of these energies. Wars that happened 500 years ago, the colonisation of Africa, the slave trade. All this is still there and until now only a few families have faced these issues.

Should you prepare yourself?

It can be very helpful to draw a family tree or write it down. Most of the time you don't make it further than your own grandparents and that is usually quite sufficient for the first session or sessions.

Should we go back further, we'll just do that in the session and keep drawing from what you have.

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