Sebastian Pentenrieder
Energy healer & Medium

As an energy healer and medium, I support you in
recognising and releasing deep, often unconscious patterns,
the contact to your own spiritual guidance,
as well as the recognition of the deep reason for you being here on earth.


You’ve come to the right place if…

  • you have stress in your relationship
  • want a spiritual reading
  • want to resolve trauma from your ancestral lineage
  • want to make contact with a deceased person
  • resolve issues from past lives
  • want to cut toxic links with other people
  • Are you searching for someone who possesses deep insight as a medium, capable of delving even further and uncovering the root cause of your current troubles?
  • Do you long to tap into your own spiritual guidance, gaining clarity on life’s direction, purpose, and where to turn next?
  • If you carry burdens from your ancestral lineage that continually resurface, and seek to explore them on a profound level with an energy healer, look no further.
  • Additionally, if you find yourself drained by destructive relationships that drain your energy reserves, I am here to assist you.

Look at it – it’s worth it!

Welcome to the world where we look beyond the limits of human understanding. In a world where recurring pain begins to make sense. In which wounds are the entrance gates for light and consciousness.

I myself have tried many things and have been on the path of letting myself fall deeper and deeper into God for years.
That means looking without mercy, especially where it hurts. In deep trust that God loves everything and excludes nothing – not even the supposedly evil.

– Rumi –
The wound is the place light enters you

Private sessions – my offer

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To make it a little easier for the mind, I have put together a few topics that people come to me with.
Yours is not among them? WELCOME! If you are unsure, write to me and ask.

Spiritual Coaching & Reading


  • Are you at a crossroads in your life?
  • Are you moved by the question of how to deal with a situation?
  • Would you like to make contact with your spiritual guides or your soul in order to broaden the perspective of your current being?

Experience your Guides


  • Do you want to get in contact with your Guides yourself?
  • Do you want to experience their support in daily life?
  • Your Guides are always with you. The more you interact with them, the more they are able to help and provide guidance.

Former lives


  • Has the soul inhabiting your body ever been in another body on this earth?
  • What did it experience and to what extent does it affect your current life?
  • This is not about voyeurism, but about deep healing!

Afterlife contact


  • Have you lost a close relative or friend?
  • Has the person passed away and you feel there are still issues?
  • Would you like to know if the deceased person has arrived well on the other side?

Karmic love


  • Do you know the feeling of knowing a person forever - even though you only met hours ago?
  • Do you feel magically attracted to someone and can't get away from them?
  • Do you feel so much more in love than ever before?

Energetic cleansing


  • Are there places like your home or your workplace where you feel very uncomfortable?
  • Do you have the feeling that something is weighing on you, making you feel like you're having confused or destructive thoughts that you can't explain?

Toxic relations


  • Do you have people in your environment who make you feel almost sick when you are in contact with them?
  • Do you have the impression that the toxic contact with them even has you under control when you don't see each other?

Book a session

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Technical information

  • The session lasts 1h
  • Price: 100€ – to be paid via bank transfer prior to the session
  • I use Zoom to do online sessions. You will get an email with the necessary link prior to the meeting
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